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Elisa Raamat

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Elisa Raamat

Enam kui 2200 eestikeelset teost, mida saad ühe ja sama kuutasu eest lugeda nii palju kui jaksad, just siis, kui ise soovid. Seejuures pole üldse tähtis, et oleksid Elisa klient: äpp on avatud kõikidele.

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Where time meets truth

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Argo Järve - Where time meets truth
This is a story about a young man misleading travels and challenges in life, about different people and places he visited. About home a school. Love and hate. Money and happiness. Vodka and vices. From life itself. Many readers might recognize themselves in some occasions, maybe even they have experienced something like that or lived it through. Déjà-vu. We're all still humans, and humans often get lost during their travels. There are still fictional characters and events - which are real, which are fictional, is for the reader to decide. The main character Hans, with a restless soul, has traveled to every place is Estonia in search of work & happiness and has often found himself abroad, met & spoken to many different types of people. With nobleman and thieves. Slept under the night sky and also in luxurious hotels. Tasted the waters from a road ditch and tasted wines in the finest restaurants. Felt the power of money and helplessness, when there's no money. Met lies and ultimate honesty on his road. Has he learn`t anything from all of that? That will come out later. One's for sure - there are same types of people over here and across the border. There are no bad and good nationalities; there are only bad and good people.
Argo Järve

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