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IoT opens new possibilities in all fields

IoT – Internet of Things – is the inter-networking of physical objects, services, software and systems. It allows for automated analysis of real-time data, and enables decisions to be based on a greater mass of information.
IoT opens new opportunities in all fields for greater efficiency and new business models. Elisa’s IoT™ ecosystem brings together IoT industry experts.

Elisa IoT™ lets you enjoy the benefits of an ecosystem

Our goal is to offer businesses a flexible means for IoT utilisation. Elisa’s IoT™ consists of an application development platform (ADP) and applications. Elisa’s ADP is an agile tool for developing solutions and applications for device management, optimisation and networking.

Furthermore, Elisa’s IoT™ is an open and evolving ecosystem, which allows member companies to benefit from joint expertise, and thus adds to the functionality and capacity of the platform as a whole. The ecosystem comprises hardware manufacturers, programmers, analysts and visual specialists. Together we strive to meet our customers' every need in all areas.

Expertise throughout the IoT value chain

Elisa’s IoT™ covers all aspects of a functional IoT business model from technologies to maintenance and expert knowledge. The application development platform is easily customisable and can be integrated into the customer's existing back-end systems. The service can be expanded later with add-on elements.

Elisa's role as an integrator

Elisa contributes to the ecosystem with its own expertise. As an experienced and reliable communications solutions developer, we assume the leading role in the progress and success of the IoT projects.

The driving idea behind the ecosystem is to generate maximum advantage for every customer in every situation. That's why it only includes experts whose skills and quality of work have been verified by us.

We support Estonian education by providing schools with an opportunity to utilise Elisa’s IoT service platforms. Our goal is to stimulate growth and prosperity in Estonia by strengthening digital knowledge. By helping in providing the best learning environment, we also ensure the availability of necessary skills in the future.

From workshops to practical implementation

Elisa’s IoT™ workshop is an efficient and quick means for determining the needs and objectives for IoT utilisation. Our experts are there to help you find the exact methods that best suit the needs of your business. Where appropriate, members of Elisa’s IoT™ ecosystem can be invited to share their industry-specific knowledge. The objective is to define the technical and commercial parameters for testing the most promising business ideas – from there onwards it's smooth sailing!

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