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Siit leiad Baltikumi suurima tehnoloogiakonverentsi põnevaimad tehnoloogia ja küberturbe teemalised ettekanded.
Marko Haarala
How to get full SOC capabilities – for free
Peter Sandkuijl
Your journey to the cloud, the secure way
Mehis Hakkaja
From Red Teaming to Purple Teaming (or the other way around?)
Markus Lippus
What kinds of signals can AI find from data
Haider Pasha
The SOC of the Future: Remote, Automated, and..
Tarmo Linnamägi & Norman Ojasoo
Elisa IT partnerina
Claes Carlstedt
Building the Data-Driven Enterprise
Kaur Lillepõld
Customer Case: SEB
James Hall
What is the IQ of Your storage infrastructure
Tomi Järventie
AI-Driven Enterprise
Dmytro Turchin
Azure AI platform overview for applied Machine Learning and..
Anton Gyllenhammar
Secure applications dynamically and fast with Nginx App Protect
Oktay Umul
How to extend the power of email: security, compliance and..
Jonas Gyllenhammar
Experience Zero Trust Access in a Hybrid World
Mai Kraft
Remote work security challenges
Mika Lauhde
Security is journey, not destination
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