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We are a leading Nordic communications services provider with long experience and strong expertise in designing, developing and maintaining communication networks. We offer reliable operator solutions corresponding to the needs of your company also in Russia and the Baltic region.

Elisa provides a full spectrum of Carrier Services from single connections to comprehensive telecommunication solutions. Elisa operator products enable cost efficient solutions for your company.

Ethernet Services

Elisa Ethernet provides high-speed, secured connections between the offices nationwide.

The demands of the aplication level can be edited connection specifically with the help of the traffic priorization. Important traffic gets always bandwidth to secure voice services or control of the operation between offices.

IP Transit

High-capacity connectivity to the global internet. Elisa IP Transit Service provides global internet connectivity for IT integrators, information service providers and internet service providers who need reliable, high-capacity global internet connectivity. The service is based on Elisa’s domestic and international IP network and peering agreements with a large number of IP backbone providers and major international content delivery networks. Elisa IP Transit provides connectivity to the internet, including domestic traffic. Domestic and international traffic are not calculated separately. Elisa IP Transit is also suitable for customers who wish to build a redundant and fault tolerant routing environment by purchasing IP transit from multiple sources.

Co-location and Data Center Services

High-security, top-quality Elisa Data Centers

We provide Data Center Services in more than 16 locations and manage over 60,000 m2 of colocation space. With the Elisa Data Center Service, your company’s server and data communications hardware is located in Elisa’s top-quality data center, in a controlled environment equipped with fast and secure data connections. We provide space for hardware in Elisa’s cabinets or for the customer’s own cabinets in our data center. By using our premium Data Center Service, your company can secure the availability, security and rapidity of your services, and reduce IT costs by outsourcing part of the infrastructure and automating specific basic functions. Elisa’s expert technical personnel will see to the contractual basic services, while you maintain control over the servers, service content and development.

Wholesale Roaming Access

To receive our reference offer for Wholesale Roaming Access, please email us roaming@elisa.ee

Please include the following information: contact person's name, company name, VAT code, company type (MNO, MVNO, reseller), the service you are interested (Direct Wholesale Roaming Access or Wholesale Roaming Resale Access).

Elisa carrier services team in Estonia

  • Netsales Team

    Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 4:30 pm (GMT +2)
    Sat and Sun Closed

    Telephone number +372 68 00 072
    E-mail: netsales@elisa.ee

  • Fault Notification

    24/7 failure indications +372 66 00 650
    E-mail: soc@elisa.ee


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