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Optional MultiSIM service
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Optional MultiSIM service
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For a monthly fee, you can get the Elisa MultiSIM service and use the same number in both your smartphone and your smartwatch, sharing a single phone plan between them.


  • With MultiSIM, there is no need to keep devices close to each other for connectivity. You can leave your phone at home and still use all the essential functions on your smartwatch (call, receive calls, send messages and browse the internet). Note! Incoming SMS messages will still be received on the device associated with the primary number, i.e., your smartphone.
  • With the Elisa MultiSIM service, all outbound calls will show up as originating from the same number.


  • The primary number associated with the smartphone must use an Elisa smart plan.
  • MultiSIM does not work with the Topeltnumber service.
  • Mobile ID only works with a physical SIM card.
  • The service does not work abroad (i.e., the smartwatch eSIM will not work abroad).
  • Orders for a new or replacement SIM card will be billed according to the current price list. The fee for a SIM card replacement is 10 €.
  • One MultiSIM service per primary number.
  • Call waiting will not work in the other MultiSIM device, even if it is activated for the primary number.
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