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Mobile services
How is my mobile subscription transferred to the Elisa network?
Where do I find my PIN and PUK codes?
How can I order extra Internet usage when I hit the limit?
Can I buy extra Internet usage several times a month?
Can I continue using the extra Internet that has not run out by the end of the month?
How and where can I see how much extra Internet usage I have left?
Need more Internet usage almost every month?
How is my mobile subscription transferred to the Elisa network? Põhisisu algus
  1. With the subscription agreement, you will get your Elisa SIM card. Don't do anything with this right away! Continue using your old SIM card.
  2. On the fourth working day at the latest after signing the subscription agreement, we will send you a text message with the time when you can insert the new card into your phone. Don't do anything with your new SIM card right away.
  3. When this day arrives, replace the old SIM card with the new Elisa SIM card at a time that suits you.
  4. Your new SIM card PIN-code is on the SIM card’s envelope.
  5. If your SIM card is not working on the morning of the transfer day, restart your phone.
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