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I haven’t paid my invoice. When are you going to suspend the provision of outgoing services?
I have paid my invoice. Why are my services still suspended?
Elisa's bank account details
I have paid my invoice. Why are my services still suspended? Põhisisu algus
Millises keskkonnas sa veebi kaudu TV-d saad vaadata, sõltub sellest, millise TV-teenuse kasutaja sa oled.
Uus Elisa ElamusLiitumised alates 10.08.2021Mine vaatama
Vanemad TV-teenusedLiitumised enne 10.08.2021Mine vaatama
  1. First, restart your device.
  2. I f the service is still not working, the payment has not yet reached Elisa’s account.
  3. As a rule, payments are received within 2 hours but depending on the bank, this may vary. Check with your bank to see how long the transfer takes.
  4. We will start the services automatically after receiving payment

Sometimes it may appear that you made a payment using incorrect data. So, check whether:

  1. You have paid the right amount.
  2. The payment has been debited from your account.
  3. The reference number is correct.
  4. The account number to which you made payment is correct.
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