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Uus Elisa Elamus Liitumised alates 10.08.2021 Mine vaatama
Vanemad TV-teenused Liitumised enne 10.08.2021 Mine vaatama

Elisa to temporarily close branches throughout Estonia from 17th of March


Elisa sulgeb homsest ajutiselt esindused üle Eesti

In order to combat the spread of coronavirus and reduce the amount of contact between people, Elisa will be closing its branches all around Estonia starting from tomorrow. Clients will still be able to contact Elisa via the chat window on its website and by calling its information line.

In connection with the state of emergency, starting from tomorrow Elisa will be closing all of its branches around Estonia to prevent the spread of coronavirus and to reduce contact between people. We will be serving clients in the chat window on our website, where our employees will be continuing to work contact-free, and via our information line 6 600 600. We will be answering all questions about services, devices and other issues as per normal.

“It might lead to a certain amount of inconvenience, but right at this moment we feel it’s important to limit people’s movement and their need to visit busy centres,” explained Andrus Hiiepuu, the head of Elisa’s Private Client Unit. “We’ll be drafting in staff from our branches to help people with their questions and concerns online. They’ll be using our branches for this remote work for as long as the centres they’re in remain open.” Elisa’s branches will be closed until the state of emergency has passed. The company will provide its clients with any new information as soon as it becomes available.

If you have any questions, Elisa’s specialists will be happy to answer them in the chat window on our website. This will be the quickest way to get answers, but you can also call our information line on 6 600 600 or our business client line on 6 600 620.

Purchase of devices sold by Elisa and subscription to services will continue online, with devices delivered to clients via parcel terminals. We will get in touch separately with clients whose devices are being repaired. Anyone wishing to have a device repaired should contact customer service staff via our website.

Out of consideration for our clients, Elisa has launched a Remote Work emergency help line in cooperation with the Smart Work Association in order to help people in Estonia work from home and to find answers to any questions that arise. The aim is not only to support people but also to encourage them to work from home in order to make their own contribution to preventing the spread of coronavirus. Help is available online at or by e-mailing

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