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Millises keskkonnas sa veebi kaudu TV-d saad vaadata, sõltub sellest, millise TV-teenuse kasutaja sa oled.
Uus Elisa ElamusLiitumised alates 10.08.2021Mine vaatama
Vanemad TV-teenusedLiitumised enne 10.08.2021Mine vaatama
It’s particularly convenient to add more talktime right here on our website - but check out our other options.

The easiest and most convenient way is to add talktime via your bank account - and you can do this right here on our website (simply scroll down a little). Remember to activate the prepaid card before loading it for the first time. Activate your new prepaid card by calling any number.

  • 1 Enter the prepaid card number

  • 2 Choose the amount to be loaded

  • 3 Pay from your bank account

    Note: when paying via internet banking, make sure you click the “Return to merchant” button when you’re done

Elisa recommends!

So you don’t run out of talktime right when you need it, we recommend setting up a standing order. You can sign the contract for adding talktime in your internet banking or at a branch of your bank.

Whenever you load talktime via your bank, always remember to mark Elisa Eesti AS. You’ll also need to know the reference number for your prepaid card. You can find out what this is by dialling *135*59#

Choose the bank account that suits you:

  • Swedbank EE592200221023535360
  • SEB Pank EE651010220034128016
  • Luminor Bank EE401700017001943816
  • LHV EE487700771001209375