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This Code of Ethical Purchasing describes the ethical and legal duties, responsibilities and obligations of the machine, equipment, software, system, material and service suppliers (hereinafter “’supplier”) of Elisa Corpo-ration and the companies belonging to the same group (hereinafter collectively “Elisa”). This Code is based on international labour standards in the ILO conventions, the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations’ Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Implementation and applicability of the Code

  • Elisa expects all its suppliers to implement this Code across their business operations and own supply chains.
  • Suppliers applying this Code are expected to comply with all relevant laws, directives and standards in all of the countries in which they operate.
  • This Code is applied both for the purposes of promoting safe and fair working conditions and the responsible management of environmental and social issues in the supply chain of Elisa.
  • Suppliers are expected to follow Code of Conduct or similar principals in their activities, and also expected to provide Elisa with reasonable access to all relevant information and premises for the purposes of assessing performance against this Code of Ethical Purchasing and also Code of Con-duct or similar, and use reasonable endeavors to ensure that their subcontractors do the same.

Code of Ethical Purchasing

1. Child labour

  • No person is employed who is below the minimum legal age for employment.
  • Children (persons under 18 years) are not employed for any hazardous work, or work that is incon-sistent with the child’s personal development.
  • Where a child is employed, the best interests of the child shall be the primary consideration.
  • Policies and programs that assist any child found to be performing child labour are contributed to, supported or developed.

2. Forced labour

  • Forced, bonded or compulsory labour is not used and employees are free to leave their employment after reasonable notice. Employees are not required to lodge deposits of money or identity papers with their employer.

3. Occupational health and safety

  • A healthy and safe working environment is provided for employees, in accordance with international standard and national laws. This includes access to clean toilet facilities, drinkable water and, if ap-plicable, sanitary facilities for food storage.
  • Where an employer provides accommodation, it shall be clean, safe and meet the basic needs of employees.
  • Appropriate health and safety information and training is provided to employees.

4. Freedom of association

  • As far as any relevant laws allow, all employees are free to join or not to join trade unions or similar external representative organizations.

5. Discrimination

  • Negative discrimination, including racial or sexual discrimination, is prohibited.

6. Disciplinary practices

  • Employees are treated with respect and dignity. Physical or verbal abuse or other harassment and any threats or other forms of intimidation are prohibited.

7. Working hours

  • Working hours of employees comply with national laws and are not excessive.

8. Payment

  • Employees understand their employment conditions and fair and reasonable pay and terms are pro-vided. Consideration should be given to the type of work performed and the market wage for the work as well as any statutory minimum wage for the country concerned.

9. Individual conduct

  • No form of bribery, including inappropriate offers for payments to or from employees, or to or from organisations, is tolerated.

10. Compliance with legislation regarding employees

  • If the supplier posts its employees from abroad or otherwise provides them to Elisa, the supplier must ensure that requirements set out in legislation of destination country are fulfilled.

11. Environment

  • Processes are in place to actively improve the efficiency of limited resources (such as energy, water, raw materials) in use.
  • Appropriate management, operational and technical controls are in place to evaluate the risks of and minimize the release of harmful emissions to the environment.
  • Appropriate measures are in place to improve the environmental performance of products and ser-vices when in use by the end user.
  • Innovative development of products and services that offer environmental and social benefits are supported.
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